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Episodes in Cultural Exchange


Teaching East Asia with Art Series: Workshop 3


This workshop was the third in a series of three evenings with art historian Melanie King.

In this workshop, we looked at three episodes highlighting key moments of cultural exchange and transmission in East Asian history. Using art as the site of cultural exchange, we traced the presence of the Silk Road in East Asian visual culture dating back to the travels of Xuanzang during the seventh century, the influence of European art on East Asian art and vice versa during the mid-late eighteenth century, and the manner in which culture is exported and consumed today in the form of popular culture.

There was a short reading that required a response before the date of the workshop in order for teachers to receive three free OSPI clock hours.


Monday, October 24
5:00-7:30 p.m.
University of Washington in Seattle


Melanie King, art historian at Seattle Central College


  • classroom materials
  • 3 free OSPI clock hours
  • light dinner