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China on the World Stage

China on world stage



Aside from being the most populated country in the world, China is a manufacturing and exporting powerhouse of machinery and technology. Despite China’s GDP—which has been growing an average of 10% each year—China has come to the forefront of global politics for both its deteriorating manufacturing sector and its urgent environmental crisis. Why is China’s manufacturing sector so crucial to the global economy? What was China’s role in the Paris Climate Conference and how is the government reforming their environmental and economic practices? In what way will these changes affect the U.S.? What is China’s role in the developing world, and how has its quest for resources affected less powerful nations? Teachers heard answers to these questions, as well as ideas for how to bolster their students’ understanding of China at this workshop.


Thursday, February 25th
4:30 PM-7:30 PM
Roosevelt High School

Our Featured Speakers

David Bachman || Henry M. Jackson Professor of International Studies at the University of Washington
Dr. Bachman was chair of the China Studies Program at the University of Washington, and is the author/editor of three books and more than 40 articles. His research and teaching interests are Chinese Domestic and Foreign Policy, International Political Economy, Asian Politics and International Relations and U.S. China Relations.

Dennis Bracy || Co-founder and CEO of U.S—China Clean Energy Forum, Chairman of Avatar Studios
Mr. Bracy is a leading expert on clean energy and has a strong interest in bridging cultural divides between the U.S. and China in order to facilitate working relations. He has worked with the Obama administration to bridge differences that shackle joint energy solutions between the U.S. and China, and was one of the first Americans to co-produce prime time television in China.

Curriculum Connections

Teachers were joined by representatives from Cultural Exploration of Greater China and a panel of teachers who detailed how their study tour to China offered new perspectives for understanding and teaching about the country. Global Classroom Director Ryan Hauck also shared GC’s resources for teachers, his experience in China with the East Asia Resource Center and National Consortium for Teaching about Asia (NCTA), and curriculum for K-12 students in the Sciences, Humanities, and Social Studies.

Registration Fee

$30, included presentations, resource packet, refreshments, and 3 clock hours


This event was co-sponsored by the World Affairs Council, Cultural Exploration of Greater China and the East Asia Resource Center.