Mylynn Prak


I am currently majoring in Food Systems, Nutrition and Health within the School of Public Health with a minor in Vietnamese Language and Culture at the University of Washington, Seattle. Since I was little, my family has always raised me under the influence of Vietnamese culture. It has become an integral part of my life and I hold my native language as an important vessel towards my identity.

Growing up, I have noticed that my family has had to deal with a language barrier when it came to seeing doctors and health professionals.  Because they were not literate in English, they felt more comfortable being around other Vietnamese peers who could understand their medical situation.  I think that as a pharmacist, being in the medical field means that I have the ability to help out as many people as possible, providing them with care and support regardless of their identity.  Being bilingual has helped me become more aware and open to the different perspectives and struggles that the public faces, and I want to be able to break any barriers that inhibit an individual from taking care of themself.  Discrimination of any kind is not acceptable and I want to reach out to the widest audience I can, giving back especially to the Vietnamese community that has raised me into the young adult I am becoming.