The Politics and Law of International Human Rights

LSJ 320/ 368
  • Quarters: Summer, Autumn
  • General Education Requirements: I&S, DIV

This course examines the emergence and development, since World War II, of an international movement dedicated to the promotion of human rights. We will study the goals of the movement and the global political context in which it operates. Special attention will be given to the legal institutions, national and international, which have influenced its evolution and character. Students taking the course will acquire an enhanced understanding of the role in human rights politics played by the United Nations, national governments, non-governmental organizations, international customary law, treaty law, regional courts, and international tribunals. Students will also be responsible for writing a research paper on some aspect of human rights. Studies the international human rights movement in its legal and political context. Focuses on institutions which influence, enable, and constrain the international promotion of human rights.