History of Modern Architecture

ARCH 352
  • Quarters: Spring
  • General Education Requirements: VLPA

This class presents a survey of architecture from 1750 to the present (primarily, but not exclusively, in Europe and North America). Emphasis is placed on the development of the architecture of this period including significant buildings and projects, important theories and critical writings. Class members are responsible for all material in Trachtenberg and Hyman, Architecture from Prehistory to Postmodernism/The Western Tradition, 2nd edition (2002), Part 4, pages 372-582. Class members are also responsible for material in William J. R. Curtis, Modern Architecture Since 1900, 3rd edition (1996), pages as indicated on daily lists. Class members will be held fully responsible for knowing individual “key works” identified on each daily slide list included herein. In addition, class members should be generally familiar with additional works which may be shown in class.