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Welcome Theresa Mudrock, new Canadian studies librarian

September 28, 2021

“As you grieve the loss of Siôn*, let me assure you that I bring years, even decades of experience as a subject librarian!”

Back when the SARS pandemic struck in the early 2000s, I was taking a bus in Toronto with my five-year-old daughter when she began regaling the passengers with her original song, “the United States of Canada.” And though I still cringe today over that performance, I must admit, that I, like many Americans, incorrectly view Canada as a sort of northern extension of the United States.

Like a typical American I come to Canadian studies with a mishmash of images, mostly media made of Mounties (reading my grandmother’s copy of Mrs. Mike), Justin Trudeau, the ‘Mom and Pop shop’ of Kim’s Convenience, and of course, Schitt’s Creek. Not much in the way of credentials for a Canadian studies librarian!

However, as you grieve the loss of Siôn, let me assure you that I bring years, even decades of experience as a subject librarian! As a History Librarian, I’ve been responsible for purchasing material for Canadian history. I also purchase books related to British Columbia and the Yukon Territory for the Pacific Northwest Collection.

I am eager to learn more about Canada and to support the faculty, staff and students in Canadian Studies. Please let me know if there are books or videos that you’d like me to purchase.

In the meantime, I hope you are making use of the research guides Canadian studies, Canadian studies – Indigenous peoples, and Arctic and Northern Studies. I welcome your feedback for additional information for those sites as well.

*Siôn Romaine has moved into a new role as the Director of Acquisitions and Rapid Cataloging Services for UW Libraries.