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UW’s First Student Ambassador to University of Arctic

Ian Lee Portrait

January 30, 2015

Ian is currently a junior in the Department of Earth and Space Sciences majoring in Geophysics. Due to his keen interest in glaciers and ice, he has plans to pursue graduate studies in glaciology. While more inclined towards the scientific aspects of glaciology, Ian regardless understands the importance of the other aspects of glaciology such as its political and anthropological nature. As a result, in his new role as a University of the Arctic (UArctic) Student Ambassador, Ian intends to further spread awareness of the issues currently ongoing in the Arctic and bring more needed attention to one of the last few bastions of pristine wilderness. At the same time, Ian also intends to use this opportunity as a UArctic Student Ambassador to learn more about the Arctic in the big picture, while continuing to pursue and supplement his studies in geophysics/glaciology.

With all that in mind, having the opportunity to attend the Arctic Frontiers Forum in Tromsø, Norway this coming January will be a great way to start Ian’s three-year tenure as a UArctic Student Ambassador. The Arctic Frontiers Forum features various speakers who are leaders of their respective fields regarding the Arctic, including many notable glaciologists. Ian is excited to begin this journey and intends to make full use of the opportunities provided to him to make the experience a brilliant one.

University of the Arctic’s (UArctic) Student Ambassador Program is designed to train student leaders in the skills necessary to represent the UArctic network as well as their own home institutions on and off campus, and to grow UArctic’s student community. Ian’s participation in the University of the Arctic Youth Ambassador Program was made possible, in part, by funding from the Office of Global Affairs, Future of Ice, and the Department of Earth and Space Sciences.