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UW Libraries Canada Collection: The benefit of Title VI

Canadian Studies Librarian Sion Romaine shows off some of the 120+ titles that were purchased with the support of the Canadian Studies Center’s Title VI grant.

November 14, 2018

Each year, the Canadian Studies Center funds the purchase of Canadiana materials that directly supporting the teaching of Canadian studies, particularly topics that focus on trade, security, Arctic foreign policy, Indigenous self-determination, and environmental management. This year, the generous support of the Canadian Studies Center enabled the Libraries to purchase over 120 titles that would otherwise not be acquired. While most of the titles acquired tend to be more academic in nature (e.g., International Disputes and Cultural Ideas in the Canadian Arctic; Who Controls the Hunt?: First Nations, Treaty Rights, and Wildlife Conservation in Ontario, 1783–1939; From Oral to Written: A Celebration of Indigenous Literatures in Canada, 1980–2010), a few of the books are decidedly lighter in tone (e.g., Lace Up : A History of Skates in Canada; BDQ: Essays and Interview on Quebec Comics). Others, like the Western Arctic Seas Encyclopedia, serve as reference tools for researchers in multiple disciplines on campus.

 Also note that through November 22, 2018, UW Libraries has trial access to The Globe and Mail newspaper digital archives from 1844 through 2014. The paper, considered Canada’s “Newspaper of Record,” remains one of Canada’s most widely-read newspapers, and is known for its political, economic and cultural coverage. Please contact Canadian Studies Librarian Sion Romaine ( with any feedback you may have regarding the usefulness of this resource.

Know of a title that would make a good addition to our Canadian Studies collection? Please fill out a Purchase Request Form or contact Canadian Studies Librarian Sion Romaine (