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UW Canadian Studies Center welcomes our new graduate staff researcher and Strategic Partnerships curriculum developer Leoule A. Goshu

February 28, 2011

leoulevancouver. 2011

Leoule Goshu in Vancouver.

The University of Washington Canadian Studies Center welcomes Leoule Goshu as our newest Graduate Staff Researcher and Strategic Partnerships Curriculum Developer. Through our Center, Leoule is an ambitious agenda-setter: launching four new Summer 2011 courses, including University of Washington’s first queer study abroad/study tour program in Vancouver British Columbia in partnership with Simon Frasier University’s Canadian History of Sex and Activism National Academic Conference, College of Arts and Sciences Comparative History of Ideas and University of Washington Q Center administrations. Leoule studies Organizations and Policy: Higher Education Administration with his applied focus on building Canadian interdisciplinary study tours and undergraduate courses partnerships for our center. His research interests include career, student and organizational development.

Prior to joining our center, Leoule Goshu studied at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government on a prestigious Public Policy and International Affairs Fellowship. Leoule is grateful for the opportunity to strengthen University of Washington Canadian Studies Center’s footprint and global impact.

Leoule’s work drew the attention of UW athlete David Kopay, who contributed $1 million to the University of Washington Q Center, the queer community center. He was featured in Advocate Magazine , the University of Washington Daily and represented the University of Washington in the 2007 Seattle Times graduation edition.

He enjoys connecting people with jobs, scholarships, and graduate school opportunities. His passion is to pay it forward and help people live their lives to the fullest.

leoule. 2011

Leoule Goshu, Graduate Staff Researcher and Strategic Partnerships Curriculum Developer

He travels frequently. (His travel hot spots are: New Orleans, Denver, Vancouver, Québec and Montréal). He enjoys queer communities.

Leoule’s 2012 project is to mobilize a cross-university team to develop a US-Canada conference on the History of Justice, Sovereignty, and Identity on the 150th anniversary of the University of Washington. He welcomes interest from the Canadian Studies Center community. Leoule can be reached at
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