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Black History in Canada

Quintard Taylor, UW Professor, History
Quintard Taylor, UW Professor, History

January 30, 2015

by Quintard Taylor, History

Quintard Taylor, UW Professor, History

The Canada Project is the latest effort by, the largest free and unrestricted website resource currently on the internet dedicated to the promotion of African Americans and Global African history. This project links hundreds of entries and articles on the website to appropriate provinces and territories in Canada. Each province has at least one link and provinces such as Ontario, Nova Scotia, and British Columbia, which have all had small but significant black populations, have far more links. Since only about half of the website entries and articles are currently linked, please return often as more Canadian entries will appear in the future. Some of the links include well-known African Americans such as Muhammad Ali who fought championship bouts in Canada. Many more include prominent Afro-Canadians such as Michelle Jean, Governor General of Canada, or Emery Barnes, the longtime Speaker of the British Columbia Provincial Legislature. One of the more unusual entries is the Colored Hockey League of the Maritimes, one of the first associations of hockey players in all of Canada. This is an ongoing project so if you are willing to become a volunteer content contributor, please contact us at We urge you to use the Canada connection to be introduced to the many men and women who have helped shape the history and culture of our neighbor to the North. Here is the link:

Quintard Taylor is a specialist in African American history in the American West. His intellectual interest in African American history in the West began when he was an assistant professor at Washington State University in 1971. Taylor is also an adjunct professor in the American Ethnic Studies Department and in the Center for Multicultural Education.

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