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Québec Questions: Québec Studies for the Twenty-First Century

April 30, 2011

Above: From left, Christopher Kirkey and Jarrett Rudy, co-authors of Québec Questions, with Yanick Godbout, Head of Post, Québec Delegation, Los Angeles.

In late April the Québec Delegation in Los Angeles sponsored a luncheon at University of Washington to introduce Christopher Kirkey and Jarrett Rudy, co-editors with Stéphan Gervais of Québec Questions (2011). Québec Questions is a contributed, multidisciplinary text that examines Québec history from social, cultural and political perspectives. Experts from a variety of fields create a contributed text on this history of Québec that is the first of its kind in the English language.

“Is Québec a nation? How do language, history and culture combine to form the unique Québec identity? These are only a few of the many challenging issues addressed by 36 contributors to Québec Questions: Québec Studies for the Twenty-First Century … it is designed to bring together thoughtful insights from various disciplines and encourage and interdisciplinary approach to understanding Québec. Each of its six thematic sections – Memories, Identities, Language, Citizenship, Québec Models, and Québec International – begins with an introductory essay that provides a framework and context for the essays that follow” (from the book jacket).

Jarrett Rudy is an assistant professor as well as director of the Québec Studies program at McGill University. Stéphan Gervais is an assistant professor at McGill University and coordinator of the Québec Studies program. Christopher Kirkey is professor in and director of the Center for the Study of Canada at SUNY Plattsburgh.

The luncheon was sponsored by the Québec Delegation in Los Angeles and hosted by Yanick Godbout, Head of Post in LA. The luncheon was attended by faculty and students at the University of Washington with an interest in research on Québec including Center Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellows, and by members of the American Association of Teachers of French.