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PNWCSC 2017 Meeting Report

2017 PNWCSC Faculty Retreat
Elliott Smith, UC Berkeley; Ted Fortier, Seattle University; Morna McEachern, UW; Sion Romaine, Libraries and UW; Ross Burkart, Boise State University; Stan DeMello, secretariat, UW. Not pictured, Gary Wilson, University of Northern British Columbia.

February 27, 2017

On February 22 and 23, representatives from the Pacific Northwest Canadian Studies Consortium (PNWCSC (UW Canadian Studies Center is the secretariat)) attended an excellent symposium on the Columbia River Treaty modernization, which was co-hosted by Northwest Indian College and Western Washington University. Many concerned and interested groups and officials were in attendance: Indigenous peoples, US State Department representatives, Foreign Affairs Canada representatives, scientists, flood control and hydropower experts among many added to a lively and informative two-day discussion and ceremony.

PNWCSC had its annual board meeting on February 24, 2017 at Canada House, Western Washington University. Ross Burkhart (Boise State University) will continue as Executive Director and Gary Wilson (University of Northern British Columbia) will continue as Associate Director for the next three years. Morna McEachern will continue as program manager. The board also approved a field course for June 20-28, 2017, which will focus on the Columbia River Treaty modernization. It was also decided to take our modest funds out of the US Bank due to its support of the Dakota Access Pipeline and to support a local credit union with our banking business.