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New issue IJCS, Vol. 57

September 14, 2020

International Journal of Canadian Studies (IJCS) just released Vol. 57 co-edited by the Center’s Managing Director Nadine Fabbi, and Claude Denis, University of Ottawa.

Nadine Fabbi served as co-editor of the International Journal of Canadian Studies from 2018 to 2020. Volume 57 of IJCS includes articles on North American history, representation of immigrants and minorities in educational text books, and articles pertaining to social issues in Canada and the United States.

International Journal of Canadian Studies, published by University of Toronto Press, is a bilingual, multidisciplinary, and peer-reviewed journal publishing the latest research in Canadian Studies from around the world. IJCS prides itself in being the only scholarly journal to bring together academic research conducted both by Canadians and academics studying Canada from abroad. The International Journal of Canadian Studies provides a common space for Canadianists from across the globe to pursue scholarly questions pertaining to Canada.  Issues feature articles and review essays, offering a comprehensive study of the work being done globally in Canadian Studies.

International Journal of Canadian Studies is available for sale at To read the full issue of Volume 57, click here.