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January, 2019 – Inuktitut training at the University of Washington

January 24, 2019

Fall Quarter 2018

The Canadian Studies Center has awarded Foreign Language and Area Studies fellowships for training in Inuktitut, the Inuit language, since 2005. To date, 12 students have studied Inuktitut including Tim Pasch, now an Associate Professor at University of North Dakota and Jason Young, Senior Research Scientist at UW’s Information School. In addition, the Center has awarded nine fellowships in other Indigenous languages spoken in Canada. This year’s team of FLAS Fellows–Elena Bell (International Studies), Ginger Farrell (Interdisciplinary Studies), Sara Laurino (Social Work), and Elizabeth Wessells (Anthropology)–are studying with Mick Mallon, skyped in from Victoria, and Alexina Kublu, skyped in from Ottawa.

Read more about Inuktitut at UW in this CBC News interview with Nadine Fabbi, managing director of the Canadian Studies Center.