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New book analyzes Inuit self-governance in the Canadian Arctic

Photo credit: University of Northern British Columbia.

April 21, 2020

Nested Federalism, by Gary Wilson, associate director of the Pacific Northwest Canadian Studies Consortium, Christopher Alcantara and Thierry Rodon, was published in February 2020 by University of British Columbia Press. The book is one of the first to provide a comprehensive pan-Arctic view of Inuit governance.

From the UBC Press website, “Nested Federalism and Inuit Governance in the Canadian Arctic traces the political journey toward self-governance taken by three predominantly Inuit regions over the past forty years: Nunavik in northern Québec, the Inuvialuit Settlement Region in the western Northwest Territories, and Nunatsiavut in northern Labrador. The Canadian federal system was never designed to recognize Indigenous governance, and it has resisted formal institutional change. But change has come.

Indigenous communities have successfully mobilized to negotiate the creation of self-governing regions. Policymakers and politicians have responded by situating almost all these regions politically and institutionally within existing constituent units of the Canadian federation. The varied governance arrangements emerging as a result are forms of nested federalism, a new and largely unexplored model of government that is transforming Canada as it reformulates the relationship between Indigenous peoples and the state.”

Gary Wilson, professor in political science at the University of Northern British Columbia, has served as associate director of the Pacific Northwest Canadian Studies Consortium since 2011.

The Consortium supports knowledge of the interconnection between Canada and the United States. It promotes and sustains cross border connections between universities through supporting teaching, research, and Canadian Studies projects. The Canadian Studies Center serves as the secretariat for the Consortium.

Nested Federalism and Inuit Governance in the Canadian Arctic is available for purchase at UBC Press, or for UW faculty, students and staff  electronic access is available via UW Libraries.