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New Arctic resources at UW Libraries

December 23, 2020

Many publishers, including large commercial publishers like Routledge and Springer, are steadily expanding their offerings of Arctic-themed monographs.

UW Libraries continues to acquire resources to support Canadian Studies, particularly resources focused on the Arctic, the North and Canada’s Indigenous peoples. Recent acquisitions include:

Atautsikut/Leaving None Behind

In this streaming video, Nunavik Inuit and Cree Elders recount their efforts to achieve greater economic self-sufficiency by setting up artist and craft co-operatives.

Arctic Archives : Ice, Memory and Entropy

Explores the Arctic as an important and highly endangered archive of knowledge.

The Arctic Council: Between Environmental Protection and Geopolitics

Introduces the Arctic Council and its role as a platform for dealing with local, national, regional and global challenges of relevance to the “new” Arctic.

Chinese Policy and Presence in the Arctic

A comprehensive account of China’s evolving interests, policies and strategies in the Arctic region.

Emerging Legal Orders in the Arctic:  the Role of Non-Arctic Actors

Examines the role of non-Arctic actors in the Arctic legal order, with a particular focus on Asia.

Indigenizing education: Discussions and Case Studies from Australia and Canada

Illustrates how Indigenous and non-Indigenous educators have worked together to Indigenize their educational practices, showcasing community empowerment and reconciliation agendas.

Routledge Handbook of Arctic Security

A comprehensive examination of security in the North, encompassing both state-based and militarized notions of security, as well as broader security perspectives reflecting debates about changes in climate, environment, economies, and societies.

Routledge Handbook of Indigenous Peoples in the Arctic

A comprehensive overview of issues surrounding the well-being, self-determination and sustainability of Indigenous peoples in the Arctic.

Russia and the Arctic: Environment, Identity and Foreign Policy

An overview of Russian policy in the region, including the mineral and environmental consequences of recent treaty agreements.

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