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LARCH 495A or URBDP 498C/598C: Canada field study: faculty-led course to Québec City

2017 Fritz Quebec Course

July 10, 2017

Dr. Fritz Wagner, Professor Emeritus in the Department of Urban Design and Planning and an affiliate in the Canadian Studies Program and Dr. Regent Cabana, an Affiliate Professor (from New Orleans), in association with the Canadian Studies Program in the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies, led a class to three Canadian cities: Montreal, Québec City and Ottawa. Students came from different academic disciplines, such as landscape architecture, environmental science and real estate. They met with a number of professors from the University of Montreal, University of Québec in Montreal, Laval University (Québec City) and University of Ottawa; government officials, and other urban experts gave lectures and walking tours. The course examined similarities and differences between U.S. and Canadian cities while investigating current urban issues confronting communities in French speaking Québec and Ottawa. Students studied the physical layout of cities, urban design, urban growth, central neighborhood revitalization projects, local governance, and historic preservation. This unique class initiative focused on building an understanding of Québec at the UW and fostered a better understanding of economic, political, social, and cultural similarities and differences between Québec and the US. Moreover, it enhanced mutual understanding and respect between Canada and the US.