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Inuit and Foreign Policy

Handbook of the Politics of the Arctic

October 31, 2015

Nadine Fabbi’s research paper, “Inuit Foreign Policy and International Relations in the Arctic,” was just-published as a chapter in the Handbook of the Politics of the Arctic edited by L. C. Jensen and G. Hønneland.

Politics of the Arctic book addresses how the Arctic has once again become one of the leading issues on the international foreign policy agenda, in a manner unseen since the Cold War. It draws on the perspectives of geopolitics and international law offering fresh insights and perspectives on the most pressing issues, grouped under the headings of political ascendancy, climate and environmental issues, resources and energy, and the response and policies of affected countries.

Nadine’s chapter, “Inuit Foreign Policy and International Relations in the Arctic,” discusses the conduct of international relations in the Arctic. She argues that international disputes in the Arctic are not the sole preserve of Arctic states or other states; they are also within the purview of the Arctic’s indigenous peoples. She discusses the development of international institutions in the Arctic, such as multi-level governance systems and indigenous peoples’ organizations and how those organizations transcend Arctic nation-states’ agendas on sovereignty and sovereign rights including the traditional monopoly claimed by states in the area of foreign affairs.

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