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Interning at the Canadian Consulate

Myles skiing at Whistler mountain in British Columbia.

September 1, 2007

As a political science major, my studies have been focused on the theoretical side of international relationships and politics. The hands-on experience in political and economic relations that I have had at the Consulate will be invaluable for my future enterprises. I see my internship as being a valuable on-the-job experience that has helped to develop business and communication skills, while enhancing my resume and possibly opening doors to future career opportunities. My aspirations are to be involved in international relations and trade, and it is my hope that performing this internship will be somewhat of a springboard into those fields. The opportunity to work alongside people who deal with international relations and trade everyday and to ask questions about how it all works has been remarkable.

There were some perks to the job, and it just so happens that I was able to be a part of two very important projects with high profile attendees. It’s not everyday that an undergraduate college student gets to be involved in a discussion with such people as the Honourable Michael Wilson, Canada’s Ambassador to the United States. Accepting an internship at the Consulate General of Canada has provided me with a unique perspective on US-Canada relations that will have a lasting value. The relationship between Canada and the US is quite possibly the best between any two nations in the world – they are each other’s largest trading partner particularly in the Pacific Northwest. Given that I am a resident of this region, I think it is vital to recognize Canada’s influence here. My internship provided me with the opportunity to do just that.