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Future of Alberta oil

Nives Dolšak and Aseem Prakash. Photo credit: Photo by Karen Ducey for High Country News

November 1, 2019

Nives Dolšak and Aseem Prakash draw parallels between U.S. coal bankruptcies and Alberta oil sands in their recent article in Forbes.

On October 29, 2019, Forbes published “U.S. Coal Bankruptcies Reveal the Future of Alberta Tar Sands” by Nives Dolšak, professor and director of the School of Marine and Environmental Affairs, and affiliated faculty of Canadian Studies; and Aseem Prakash, Walker Family Professor and the director of the Center for Environmental Politics at UW. They write, “The wise policy is to start preparing Alberta for a soft landing. The basic idea is to invest in creating non-fossil-fuel jobs. At minimum, Trudeau’s government should not throw a lifeline to the Trans Mountain Pipeline because it is creating an even bigger stock of stranded assets.”