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FLAS Fellow Reports from l’Université Laval

Michael Hank
Michael Hank is one of eight FLAS Fellows in Canadian Studies in 2012-13 all conducting research on Canada-focused topics.

July 30, 2012

The University of Laval is considered one of the premier French immersion language schools in Canada. I can understand and completely agree with that statement from my own experience after just three weeks at the intensive Francais Langue Etrangere (FLE).

Time passes quickly here at University of Laval’s intensive french program as each morning utilizes four hours of french grammar, vocabulary and language phonetics’s each complete with its own specialized and experienced french professor. The afternoons are dedicated to at least two obligatory programs such as film discussions and french conversations. In my case I also have a private french tutor which provides me with an additional five hours per week of french conversation.

The school also offers social activities in the afternoons or evenings like dinners in Old Quebec, rafting and hiking at the Jacques Cartier National Parc, evening canoe trips and much more. These are to provide each student the maximum time and opportunity to have fun as well as learn and understand the culture and regional history of Quebec.

In all, it requires a complete sensory overload in order to acquire a foreign language like French. My FLAS scholarship allowed me to search and choose a program such as this one, and for myself, I am truly grateful to have been selected to attend the University of Laval and become immersed into such a dynamic french language program.

Funding for FLAS Fellowships is provided by a Center allocation from International and Foreign Language Education, U.S. Department of Education.