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Exhibition – Canada’s Arctic: Vibrant and Thriving

May 31, 2015

Canada’s North is a region as vast as it is diverse. Modern conveniences exist alongside thriving traditional cultures in a region that faces both challenges and opportunities. Canada is working hard with its partners in the Arctic Council to ensure economic and environment development will be sustainable throughout the circumpolar region and that the benefits to the health and well-being of Northerners and Northern communities will be lasting.

Canadian leadership on international Arctic issues has come to the forefront with the country’s 2013-2015 chairmanship of the Arctic Council since May 15th, 2013. In partnership with the Royal Canadian Geographical Society, a traveling exhibition of contemporary photographs of the Canadian Arctic was developed. The exhibition adopts a geographic lens and offers international audiences a brief glimpse into the lives of Northerners, while showing a perspective of the environment and activities that help shape and influence this vibrant region. UW Student Curators: Charlie Jones, Department of English and Emily Yu, Department of English & Department of Psychology

Sponsors: Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada; Royal Canadian Geographical Society; Canadian Studies Center, Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies, University of Washington; and, UW Libraries.

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