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End-of-year reception for Corbett Scholars and alumni

Corbett Exchange Program alumni and donors
Gary and Consuelo Corbett (left) with students and alumni from the Corbett Exchange Program. Photo credit: Monique Thormann.

June 27, 2023

For the first time ever, alumni from the Corbett Exchange Program gathered to build connections and share experiences and advice with each other. Seventeen alumni and students came together in person and over Zoom.

A group of students sit around a table with a group on Zoom projected onto a screen

Corbett alumni and students gathered in person and over Zoom. Photo credit: Marion Ferguson

Past and present Corbett Scholars discussed the impact of the exchange program on their lives. Several shared that the program changed their feelings about living and working in another country, and a few chose a new path entirely after participating in the exchange.

“I became really interested in the Art department at UW and took a painting course. Now I’m looking forward to transitioning into a full-time artist and maybe working on bridging the art communities between Vancouver and Seattle! So, for sure this exchange has had a profound impact on my career and life. I feel really grateful to have had the chance. I’m constantly thinking about returning to UW for a masters.” – Amy Lu, UBC to UW 2019

Plans were made to build out the alumni community by creating a space where they can share travel advice, connect with peers in both countries, and mentor new students through their exchange experiences.

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