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Douglas Janoff on diversity in the federal government

Headshot of Douglas Janoff

October 6, 2023

In July the Jackson School’s Title VI centers offered the Community College Master Teacher Institute including a talk by author Douglas Janoff on diversity in the Government of Canada.

Douglas Janoff is the author of Queer Diplomacy: Homophobia, International Relations and LGBT Human Rights  (2022). It is the first study of multilateral LGBT human rights diplomacy viewed from the perspective of practitioners including diplomats. 

Janoff is a Canadian Foreign Services Officer, policy advisor, and subject matter expert in global issues such as human rights, democracy, governance, justice, and diplomatic affairs. His diplomatic career has included postings in Washington, D.C., Kabul, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

This year’s Community College Master Teacher Institute (CCMTI) examined how diversity, equity and inclusion are addressed in different countries internationally. 

CCMTI is a two-day training for community college instructors. The goal of CCMTI is to build the capacity of community college instructors to teach about international affairs, and in turn through the classes these instructors teach, increase community college students’ knowledge and understanding of global issues. The Institute brings together a vast network of dedicated professors, educators, researchers, and practitioners to share in the training and offer their expertise on the chosen subject.