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Corbett alumni reflections – Isaac Stockdale

Corbetts and Isaac
First Corbett Scholar in 2014-15, Isaac Stockdale with the Corbetts. Photo credit: Nadine Fabbi.

February 24, 2020

It is pretty amazing to think back and realize that it has already been almost five years since I was a Corbett Fellow, but I am incredibly proud to see how far the Corbett Exchange has come and I am so happy that students on both sides of the Canada-U.S. border are still getting to benefit from this great program.  I think there is an incredible amount for students to learn about their neighboring country, much of which I believe can only be learned by spending a significant amount of time living in that country, so I believe this program is a fantastic opportunity for students of all backgrounds and majors.

That said, with regard to what I am doing now, I am currently going into my last semester of law school at the University of Pittsburgh, and working as a law clerk at a small firm that specializes in wills, estates, and trusts law, which is my area of specialization.  After graduating, and passing the bar, I am planning to stay in Pittsburgh and continue on with my firm.  The role that Canada plays in my life is twofold.  Having spent a year living in Vancouver, and putting in so much time to learn about Canada at UBC, I think I am a fundamentally different person because of that.  I often find myself having a sense of excitement and nostalgia about Canada that I think surprises a lot of people.  In fact, I actually drove up to Toronto recently with a group of my friends, most of whom are international students, so that they could get a taste of Canada.  Secondly, I am not sure exactly why, but for some reason every time I apply for a job, the first thing that they want to talk about is why I spent a year studying abroad in Canada, and so I have actually spent a rather significant amount of time talking to people about my experience at UBC.  I think that some of this interest comes from the fact that most people have simply never considered studying or living in Canada, but after hearing me talk about my experience and what interests me about the history, culture and politics of Canada, I find that most people are pleasantly surprised and even a bit interested to learn more.  Overall, I am just very thankful that I was able to have the experiences that I did in Canada and I think that Canada will always have a role to play in my life.

Isaac Stockdale is currently living and attending law school in Pittsburgh.

The Corbett British Columbia-Washington International Exchange Program, housed at the Canadian Studies Center, Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies, provides an opportunity for undergraduate students at the University of Washington to spend two semesters at the University of British Columbia or University of Victoria; and for students from the University of British Columbia and University of Victoria to spend three quarters at the University of Washington. More information about the program and how to apply is available here