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Comparing US-Canada Border regions

September 30, 2010

Anne Goodchild, Civil and Environmental Engineering, and graduate student Matthew Klein traveled to Canada this past summer, thanks to a Government of Canada Student Mobility grant. The grant funding helped support a comparative tour of two different border regions at the US-Canada border: Vancouver and the Cascades Gateway region, and the Toronto, Ontario, Detroit, and the Great Lakes region border crossings.

During the study tour, Professor Goodchild and Matt learned about some of the different organizational and physical structures of border and regional organizations. Their schedule was packed, and they met with engineers, business officials, faculty experts, and even had the pleasure of chatting with the Toronto police regarding their “suspicious activities!” (Said suspicious activities involved taking photos of interesting architecture around the city.)

Professor Goodchild and Matt also crossed the border in multiple locations and took public transit in order to better assess the border crossings and border regions. As part of their project, they have created a fascinating blog: Goods Movement Collaborative. They have plans to add to the blog, so be sure to bookmark it and check back frequently!

This project was supported by funding from a Student Mobility Grant, Government of Canada.