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Center is a partner in grant from the Scottish Government

Headshot of Isabelle Gapp
Isabelle Gapp (PI), University of Aberdeen. Photo credit: Isabelle Gapp.

October 6, 2023

The Center will partner with University of Aberdeen for the grant project “Teaching Arctic Environments” funded by the Scottish Government.

Teaching Arctic Environments addresses the need for multi-disciplinary and collaborative pedagogy within and beyond Scottish and North American institutions. This project seizes upon the newly-established Interdisciplinary Research Centres at the University of Aberdeen to develop and co-create online and open-access visually orientated teaching resources that address the growing need and demand for critical environmental humanities pedagogy of the circumpolar Arctic.

This is just the third round of grants from the Arctic Connections Fund, Scottish Government, to help Scottish organizations collaborate with partners in the Arctic and to raise awareness of Scotland’s Arctic policy (2019). 

In October collaborators will meet at the University of Aberdeen to review the Canadian Arctic exhibits and draft the first teaching module for the project. Collaborators include Isabelle Gapp (PI), University of Aberdeen; Nadine Fabbi, UW Canadian Studies Center; and Jonathan Peyton, University of Manitoba and UW’s 2022-23 Fulbright Canada Chair in Arctic Studies.