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Center awarded grant from the Government of Canada

Three women stand in winter coats in front of Parliament Buildings in Ottawa, Canada.
From left, Nadine Fabbi, Lisa Koperqualuk and Kitty Gordon in front of the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa during the 2011 Task Force on the Arctic. Photo credit: Nadine Fabbi.

October 6, 2023

The Government of Canada is supporting the winter quarter 2024 Task Force on the Arctic with a $25,000 grant from the Global Arctic Leadership Initiative. 

Task Force is a unique undergraduate capstone that offers Jackson School students practical experience making policy recommendations. Each Task Force report is produced by teams of student researchers and evaluated by real-world experts in the field.

The Arctic Task Force is unique in that it includes a one-week trip to Ottawa where students visit with Arctic nation-state embassies, federal departments, Inuit organizations, and other scholars. This year’s Arctic Task Force will address ways that policies may impact China’s role in the region and what impact, if any, China’s role in Arctic policy might have on Arctic Indigenous Peoples, Canada, the United States and beyond.

The 2024 Task Force will be taught by Michelle Koutnik, Earth and Space Sciences with assistance from Nadine Fabbi and Paul Carrington, East Asia Center.

The funds will be used to support student travel and Issue #9 of the Jackson School’s Arctic and International Relations Series that will feature student policy papers from the course. 

For more about the Arctic Task Force program, click here.