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Canadian Studies at UW Dawg Daze

October 2, 2018

The Canadian Studies Center was represented alongside the rest of the Jackson School of International Studies at the Dawg Daze Student Activities Fair on September 27. Corbett Exchange Program Manager, Marion Ferguson, was on hand to greet students and introduce them to the many ways they can explore Canada through the UW – be it on an international exchange like the Corbett Scholarship or Killam Fellowship, through the Arctic Studies minor, or with a FLAS Fellowship to study Indigenous Languages or French.

Our partnerships with departments across the UW and with Canadian institutions give students a chance to deepen their understanding of Canada and Canada-U.S. relations through many lenses. Marion spoke with interested students from a variety of fields: geography, political science, environmental affairs, and others.

For more information on the Corbett and Killam opportunities, or to talk further about how to incorporate Canada into your studies at UW, please contact the Canadian Studies Center: or (206) 221-6374.