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Atautsikut/Leaving None Behind

December 23, 2020

This documentary, available through UW Libraries, tells the story of how art played a key role in the success of the Inuit and Cree co-ops in Nunavik, Québec.

Atautsikut/Leaving None Behind: La Fédération des cooperatives du Nouveau-Québec (2019) is a film by John Houston produced by Atautsikut Production Ltd. The 60-minute film is in English and Inuktitut. Access is available to UW faculty, students and staff. The following description is from the website Atautsikut/Leaving None Behind:

“A marginalized people rose up from humble beginnings, with nothing but their talent, their guiding principles, and their determination to leave none behind. The public has heard so many sad stories, but “Atautsikut/Leaving None Behind” reveals another aspect of the true North. In their own words, raw and unfiltered, the Nunavik Inuit and Cree recount their struggle and how their co-ops came shining through—a message of hope.

How did the Inuit and Cree of Nunavik (Northern Quebec) manage to transform their lives without relinquishing their values? Knowledge holders in “Atautsikut / Leaving None Behind” say art played a key role. It was carving sales that fueled the upstart co-operatives’ bid to break the monopoly of “the boss”—the Hudson’s Bay Company. Fifty years ago, those co-ops federated, to build a prosperous future for all—in keeping with their principle of leaving none behind. Listen as Elders reveal how a little patchwork of co-operatives banded together to come out from under the boss—and change their place in the world.”