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A Semester in University of Ottawa

Adam Tanga
Adam Tanga, a major in Polical Science at the UW, was one of the two UW students selected as a Killam Fellow for the 2009-2010 academic year. Adam poses in front of the Parliament buildings in Ottawa.

June 30, 2009

Originally posted: 2009

In 2009-10 two UW students were awarded Killam Fellowships – Rozanna Fang, Senior, French (minor Public Health and Community Medicine); and Adam Tanga, Junior, Political Science (minor French) who spent Fall Quarter at McGill University and University of Ottawa respectively.

The Killam Program orientation in Ottawa, in September, was among my most memorable experiences in Canada as a Killam Fellow. I was able to see so much of the capital while getting to know the other Killam fellows and Fulbright Scholars from all across Canada and the United States. I was truly amazed at the diverse knowledge and experience everyone had which was clearly evident during the seminar portion of the orientation. My heightened awareness of the importance of the relationship between the United States and Canada and the various issues concerning both countries has certainly impacted my professional academic career in a positive way. The discussions complemented my studies at the University of Ottawa where I am taking a Canadian politics course. It was an honor and a once-in-a-lifetime experience to visit the U.S. Ambassador’s residence and speak one-on-one with Foreign Service officers. As a result, I am inspired to work toward a career in the same field. To top off an incredible weekend, I played hockey for the first time. I’m really excited for next year’s seminar when we meet again in Washington, DC.

In 2008 the Canadian Studies Center and the Killam Foundation, Ottawa, signed a Memorandum of Understanding to enhance study abroad opportunities for UW students. The agreement enables two to four undergraduates to study at a Canadian partner institution for a semester or academic year. The Fellowships are worth up to $10,000 annually.