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A deeply missed member of our community

August 9, 2019

This spring the Center’s long-time designer, Alessandro “Sandro” Leveque, passed away. Sandro has made the Center look good for over 20 years. We first started working with Sandro to develop a new look for our Center’s newsletter. Sandro created a stunning design with maple leaf watermarks. His work is now part of the Center’s archive. He later designed a delightful and engaging K-12 STUDY CANADA newsletter, providing thousands of teachers and students with access to Canadian content. Finally, beginning in 2015, Sandro designed a new in-house scholarly publication, Arctic and International Relations Series. The six issues he did for the Center are all available online.

Sandro was an absolute pleasure to work with—professional and endlessly patient. He assisted with the copy editing; he went through as many as 70 suggested changes almost overnight and without missing one request. When we were in the midst of working on a publication, Sandro was our right-hand man. He gave us confidence, he made us laugh, and he made our Center look good.

The Canadian Studies website and many of our materials bear Sandro’s mark and artistry. He is embedded in our website, in our publications and in our hearts. Sandro, thank you for being such a huge and vital part of our community. You will be sincerely and greatly missed.

Alessandro “Sandro” Leveque was born and raised in Spokane, Washington. He had been a freelance graphic designer since 1996 and held a B.F.A. from Western Washington University in Visual Communication with concentrations in Graphic Design, Industrial Graphics and Illustration. He started his career in Seattle and moved to Phoenix in 2004. Outside of design he enjoyed traveling with his wife, sports, craft beer, and music. He is survived by his wife, Susan, and by his community here at the University of Washington.