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34th Annual STUDY CANADA Summer Institute for K-12 Educators

Ambassador Jacobson and Diana Mackiewicz
U.S. Ambassador to Canada, David Jacobson, with Institute participant, Diana Mackiewicz, Eagle Hill School, Massachusetts. (07/12)

July 31, 2010

Originally Posted: July 2010

I have participated in many professional development programs, both in the U.S. and around the world, and this is by far the best program! I enjoyed STUDY CANADA every single day and learned more than I could have imagined. Not only did I fall in love with Canada but I have also been inspired to teach it extensively in my classes. My students (and colleagues) will no longer have ignorance when it comes to our northern neighbor – they will come to value and appreciate Canada just as I have! – John Baldridge, Oklahoma

Once again the STUDY CANADA Summer Institute was a phenomenal experience! The content lectures were extremely informative, the guest presentations were enlightening and the special events were extraordinary. I am inspired to share the experience with colleagues to promote the teaching of Canada throughout the state. You have planned and organized a wonderful institute! Thank you! – JoAnn Trygestad, Minnesota

Once again, indeed, the 34th Annual STUDY CANADA Summer Institute for K-12 Educators was a fantastic success. “STUDY CANADA,” the Pacific Northwest National Resource Center on Canada’s annual professional development workshop, has been offered by the Center for Canadian-American Studies, Western Washington University, for the last thirty-four years and hosted in Canada since 2006.

First offered in 1978, 2011 marked the first year that STUDY CANADA was hosted in Ottawa, Ontario, with a daytrip to Montréal, Québec and used the thematic “A Capital View of Canada: Nations within a Nation” reflecting additional program content on Canada’s diverse regions and peoples. Fifteen participants registered for the program in 2012 and learned from distinguished Canadians throughout the week – a blend of university faculty from University of Ottawa, University of Québec at Montreal and Western Washington University as well as government officials from a variety of Canadian federal ministries and notable dignitaries such as the U.S. Ambassador to Canada, David Jacobson, the former Premier of Québec, Bernard Landry, and Member of Parliament for Ottawa-Orleans, Royal Gallipeau.

Program activities enriched teachers’ knowledge about Canada’s history and culture and served to make their STUDY CANADA experience “a perfect week!” These special activities included walking tours of both Parliament Hill in Ottawa and the “Vieux Port” in Montréal, private tours at the Supreme Court of Canada, the House of Commons and Senate, the Museum of Civilization as well as a cultural evening with traditional Quebec music at the Sucrerie de la Montagne in Rigaud, Québec. The capstone to the week of professional development was a group dinner in Ottawa supported by Herff-Jones Nystrom that was followed by a public viewing of the sound and light show “Mosaika” on Parliament Hill, where “the themes from our week together resounded” and served as a “a great ending to a great workshop” according to participant evaluations.

STUDY CANADA 2012 participants represented twelve states and a range of classroom experience, from elementary to secondary levels of education. Their evaluations unanimously indicated that STUDY CANADA not only provided a strong foundation for teaching about Canada but that the experience had profound personal and educational impacts that will be reflected in classroom curricula for the future.

Evaluations indicated that regardless of how much or how little attendees knew about Canada, the program taught them far more than was expected and was, as indicated earlier, awarded an impressive 99% grade overall. “I couldn’t have asked for a better week. Every aspect of the program was well planned with a variety of activities and speakers. The amount of resources exceeded my expectations… an absolutely wonderful experience!” Notably, all attendees intend to include Canada in their curriculum in more ways than originally anticipated and will submit curricula for posting on the website.

The Center for Canadian-American Studies at Western Washington University gratefully acknowledges program funding from the US Department of Education (Title VI) and the Government of Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade. Additional program support is appreciated from the Université du Québec à Montréal and Herff-Jones Nystrom. In addition, support for teacher scholarships from the Canadian Studies Center in the H.M. Jackson School of International Studies at the University of Washington as well as Greg Boos and the Pacific Corridor Enterprise Council (PACE) is appreciated.