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[Apr 4 – May 3] EXHIBIT: Encountering Hu Tai-Li: The Anthropologist Behind the Camera

April 17, 2023

“Hu Tai-Li’s films should be mandatory viewing for anyone in Taiwan Studies. Future generations of filmmakers in Taiwan will owe a great debt to her.” —Marc L. Moskowitz, American Anthropologist, 2008

From April 3 to May 3, 2023, the Taiwan Studies Arts & Culture Program welcomes you to our exhibit, Encountering Hu Tai-Li: The Anthropologist Behind the Camera, in memory of the late anthropologist-ethnographic filmmakers Dr. Hu Tai-Li (1950-2022). Throughout the exhibit, you will have a visual tour of Dr. Hu’s ethnographic films and publications. Each film will also come with pieces of reflection written by Dr. Hu herself and QR codes that will direct you to our online film series and the UW Library Resources for further exploration at your own pace.

“Doing what you love is the key to having a life-long career. The cultures observed in these field investigations echo my own needs for self-discovery. I want to do whatever stokes my inner fire.” —Hu Tai-Li

In addition to this exhibit at the Allen Library North Lobby, we also welcome you to attend the Hu Tai-Li Memorial Lecture and Film Screening with Scott Simon on April 18 at the Burke Museum, as well as the Hu Tai-Li online film series and kids program to further explore and learn about Indigenous cultures of Taiwan. For more information, please visit our Eventbrite page at

  • [Tue, Apr 18, 5:30 PM] HU Tai-Li Memorial Lecture and Film Screening with Scott Simon 
  • [Tue, Apr 18 – Mon, May 8] Online Film Series “Hu Tai-Li: The Anthropologist Behind the Camera”
  • [Sat, Apr 15 & Apr 22, 11:00 AM] Kids Storytime: LOKOT: the Fish that Lived in a Tree with Nikal Kabala’an
  • [Sat, Apr 15 & Apr 22, 1:00 PM] Kids Workshop: ‘Alofo Lover’s Bag from Pangcah, Taiwan with Chu-mei Lin