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Taiwan Study Abroad Programs: Summer 2023

November 7, 2022

Are you interested in studying the environment while traveling Taiwan? Our colleagues at the Program on the Environment invite you to join them for a 4-week study abroad program this summer:

POE Taiwan Study Abroad Program

Summer 2023: 6/19-7/19

  • Travel around Taiwan to explore cases of social and environmental resilience
  • Interact with local students, experts, and communities to compare resilience and adaptation challenges and strategies between Taiwan and Washington State
  • Themes of exploration:
  1. Eco-city
  2. Food and society
  3. Renewable energy and community revitalization
  4. Tourism and aboriginal communities

Earn 12 credits in Environmental Studies and/or International Studies.

Visit the course page here for more information.

Our colleagues at UW Tacoma will lead an additional study abroad program to Taiwan this summer!

UW Tacoma Taiwan Study Abroad Program –  Taiwan: Past and Present

Summer 2023: 6/18-8/18

Visit the course page here for more information.