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Storm Clouds Over the Pacific? Impacts of the Invasion of Ukraine on China-Taiwan-US Relations

October 31, 2022

On Tuesday, November 15, University of Washington Jackson School of International Studies faculty discussed how the Ukraine War is affecting the increasingly tense situation in the Taiwan Strait. Moderated by Anand Yang, the panel provided deep insights into the positions of China, Taiwan, and the US before opening to a public Q&A. David Bachman illuminated the Chinese perspective on the Russian invasion inclusive of the economic costs Russian aggression has inflicted upon China. Highlighting heightened anxieties and the first death of a Taiwanese volunteer soldier in Ukraine, James Lin defined Taiwan’s reaction to the unsettling events in Europe. Tabitha Grace Mallory explored how the United States has been responding to these events and how the European conflict will affect American views of developments in East Asia.

For more on the discussion, please watch below, or on our YouTube channel.