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Energy Issues in East Asia – Winter 2022 Lecture Series: Towards a Multi-Scalar Approach to Energy Transition in East Asia with Professor Ker-Hsuan Chien

April 18, 2022

The final lecture in our joint Winter Lecture series with the Program on the Environment, Energy Issues in East Asia, occurred March 3, 2022

The transition to Green Energy is no simple task. Professor Ker-hsuan Chien (National Tsing-Hua University) joined us to discuss the tenets of a multi-scalar approach towards pursuing renewable energy transitions within East Asia. Asking how different energy technologies negotiate the transition away from fossil fuels and how different actors pursue this transition, Dr. Chien utilized Taiwan as the lead case for her study. Focusing on Taiwan’s energy transition plan which focuses on a combination of increased renewable and natural gas usage to alleviate coal and nuclear usage, she explored the multi-scalar systems which influenced such policies. Dr. Chien applied Taiwan’s transitional plans through a three-staged, multi-scalar lens of international networks, national networks, and local networks. Addressing three levels of theoretical, functional, and “boots-on-the-ground,” key actors, she examined the pattern that had occurred in the founding of Taiwan’s policy, while also arguing that the approach must be refined. Through cognizant utilization of a multi-scalar approach, Dr. Chien argued that Taiwan must foster a blend of energy policy and industrial policy to succeed in its renewable energy transition. Dr. Chien was pragmatic in addressing Taiwan’s energy transition by also exploring more climate-responsible natural gas usage as Taiwan’s current transition plan accounts for gas increases; however, she concluded that the policies originating from such a system may lead to greater natural gas dependencies.

Please enjoy the our recording of the lecture below, or on our Youtube page.