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[Apr 14 – Apr 24] Taiwan Feature Films & Shorts At The SIFF Seattle International Film Festival (Hybrid)

April 1, 2022

The Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF) is right around the corner!

Please join us in celebrating film productions from and about Taiwan at SIFF from April 14 to April 24, in-person and/or online!

See below for an exciting lineup of both feature-length and short films that feature filmmakers and actors from Taiwan. 


UWTAIWAN2022: $3.00 off on any of the three Taiwanese features–Execution in AutumnListen Before You Sing, and Moneyboys.

SIFFEDU: Good for two (2) tickets to screenings at SIFF Cinema Egyptian, SIFF Cinema Uptown, and SIFF Film Center. Not valid for Closing Night Film & Gala or screenings marked with limited availability.

For the full SIFF program, visit

Listen Before You Sing 聽見歌再唱
YANG Chih-Lin 楊智麟 | 2021

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Based on the true story of the Vox Nativa Taiwanese Foundation Choir. To save their school from closure, leaders among the indigenous Bunun people in the mountains of Taiwan start a children’s choir to bring recognition and hope.

Moneyboys 金錢男孩
C.B. Yi | 2021

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A young man from rural China leaves his village (and his closeted married lover) to become a male escort in the city in this stylish drama, a rare and daring depiction of gay life in China.


Execution in Autumn 秋決
LEE Hsing 李行 | 1972

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In ancient China, a man sentenced to death and waiting for an autumn execution is affected by his fellow prisoners, his jailer, and the loving woman his grandma sends to hopefully get an heir before he dies. From prolific Taiwanese filmmaker Hsing Lee.

Night Bus 夜車
Joe Hsieh 謝文明 | 2020
Animation4Adults Shorts Program

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A panicked scream shatters the calm on a late-night bus ride, setting off a series of events steeped in love, hatred, and revenge.


Part Forever 永別
Chung-An OU Alan 歐崇安 | 2021
Cinematheque Infernal Shorts Program

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Huei and her husband Wen Hsiung came to say goodbye to her dearest sister, but during this solemn vigil a dark secret arises.

Tank Fairy 桶妝仙女
Erich Rettstadt | 2021
Out with the Norms Shorts Program

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Ten-year-old Jojo’s aspirations of drag and dance are fulfilled when his fierce, propane-toting fairy godmother arrives instead of his building’s traditional tank-delivery person.