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Taiwan and Somaliland: Q&A with Jean-Pierre Cabestan

December 8, 2021

On October 11th, UW-TSP hosted Professor Jean-Pierre Cabestan for a brief interview on Taiwan and Somaliland. Professor Jean-Pierre Cabestan is a Senior Research Fellow at the French National Center for Scientific Research, and a Research Professor of Political Science at Hong Kong Baptist University. His recently published article in the Diplomat, The Somaliland Connection: Taiwan’s Return to Africa?, was the inspiration for this Q&A.

Joining Professor James Lin and Professor Jean-Pierre Cabestan is Jennifer Joy, UW-TSP’s Program Coordinator and a graduate of UW’s Jackson School of International Studies. Jennifer’s thesis explored the relationship between Somaliland and Taiwan, and how unrecognized states may or may not be able to gain international recognition via ties with more powerful states.

The interview covered topics such as what is Somaliland and why is it in recent headlines with Taiwan, what observations Professor Cabestan had while in Somaliland during the fall, and how other states, namely the PRC and Lithuania, play into this diplomatic effort between Taiwan and Somaliland. Please view the video interview as you please!