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Pacific Northwest Canadian Studies Consortium Board meets at UBC

August 4, 2020

On 28 September 2012 the Pacific Northwest Canadian Studies Board met for their annual meeting at the University of British Columbia. The focus of the 2012 meeting was to establish a vision for the future of the organization particularly given the recent cut of the Understanding Canada program. The most important contribution of the Consortium is its annual general meeting. This last year over 60 scholars from the region participated in a one-day conference at the University of Washington. The Board committed to continuing the AGM annually and seeking broader participation particularly from community colleges and tribal colleges.

Currently there are about 47 active academic institutional members of the Consortium including the Government of Alberta and the Pacific Northwest Economic Region.

Ross Burkhardt, Boise State University, facilitated the meeting with the assistance of associate director, Gary Wilson, University of Northern British Columbia. Participants included Michael Treleaven, past executive director, Gonzaga University; Program Manager, Morna McEachern, University of Washington; Nadine Fabbi, University of Washington; Matthew Evenden, University of British Columbia; Ted Fortier, Seattle University; Kathy Reavy, Boise State University; and, Terry Simmons, Berkeley University.

The meeting was held in conjunction with the Beyond the Culture of Nature conference hosted by the Canadian Studies Center at the University of British Columbia.

The Canadian Studies Center is secretariat for the Pacific Northwest Canadian Studies Consortium.

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