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Spring 2023 Course Offerings

January 25, 2023

Spring registration is underway! Join Center for Korea Studies faculty this Spring for a diverse range of coursework.

The Korean Peninsula and World Politics

Instructor: Yong-Chool Ha

JSIS A 213/POL S 213

Date and Time: MW 2:30-4:20pm

Credits: 5

This course introduces Korean politics, economics, society, and international relations by focusing on the development in politics, economy, and society since the late nineteenth century. By comparing Korea’s experiences with those of China and Japan,  the course addresses the evolution of Korea on the international stage.

From Korea to Taiwan: Queer Asian Cinema

Instructor: Ungsan Kim


Date and Time: TTh 12:30-2:20pm

Credits: 5

How do we define queer cinema? How does this term depart from more conventional and intuitive ways of naming the cinematic modality, such as LGBT cinema or women’s cinema? And to what extent does the national, cultural, and historical specificity affect our understanding of queer cinema? And most importantly, how can we decolonize the studies of queer cinema that uncritically and unfairly situates the Euro-American traditions as the center or archtypes of modern queer cinema in the world? Throughout the term, we will grapple with these questions by viewing, analyzing, and critically engaging with queer Asian cinema.

Topics in Korean Literature and Culture

Instructor: Emily Hall


Date and Time: MW 12:30-2:20pm

Credits: 5

Focuses on Korean literature form a limited time period or particular aspects of Korean culture.

All about Webtoons: Korean Comics, Global Contexts

Instructor: Emily Hall


Date and Time: MW 3:30-5:20

Credits: 5

Focuses on Korean popular culture in modern and contemporary Korea and beyond. This Spring’s offering dives into Korean webtoons, engaging with the media in Korean and global contexts.

Korean Language Courses

If you’re hoping to expand your Korean language skills this Spring, click here for UW’s full roster of Korean language course offerings.