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Indigenous Futurism: Perspectives from the motherland and the Korean diaspora

May 21, 2024

Join our friends at Experience Education for an afternoon of artistic excellence on Friday, May 30 from 2-5pm in the Tateuchi East Asia Library.

Come enjoy an incredible artist talk, exhibition and live painting with visiting Korean artist, Kim Bong Jun, founder of the museum of mythology in Korea, as well as a delightful spread of Korean food and cultural performances by local Korean artists Che Sehyun, Kyungsuk Lee, and her student Michael Sun.

2:00 Pungmul Gut
2:30 Artist’s Talk & Live Painting
4:00 Traditional Korean Dance & Music

Kim Bong Jun: Born in a period of political and cultural upheaval and transformation in Korea, Kim Bong Jun’s 40+ years of sculpture, painting, stories and indigenous cultural work around folk traditions, myths, ceremonies and basic human rights have culminated in a people’s movement back to a land-based culture and an awakening of a global consciousness. Founder of the Museum of Mythology in Korea, Kim Bong Jun now 70 years old, seeks to share his original works, journey and vision with an international audience and build meaningful relationships.

Che Sehyun is a Future Ancient storyteller and Corean cultural worker in traditional music and dance, as well as film and public art. @CheSehyun