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Economics and Business in Korea and China

October 27, 2023

Join Visiting Professor Dr. Keun Lee (Seoul National University) for a one time offering of JSIS 484 A: Economics and Business in Korea and China! Professor Lee will be at UW for only Winter 2024, so don’t miss the opportunity to learn from one of the leading economists in Korea!

Economics and Business in Korea and China

JSIS 484 A

Instructor: Prof. Keun Lee

Targeting graduate and upper-level undergraduate students, this course aims to introduce key issues and aspects that have defined socio-economic progress or “catching up” in Korea and China since the late 20th century. How has Korea been able to sustain economic growth for several decades, achieving a significant economic “catchup?” China has proved its economic prowess, but is China’s growth sustainable and shareable across society? In addressing these questions, this course will investigate key concepts relevant to both nations: the middle-income trap, the role of technological innovation in economic development, and the capabilities of firms and sectors within and between each nation.

The course lecturer is an economist; however, the course does not require an advanced knowledge in economics. The course is open to students from all academic disciplines. By the end of the course, students should be able to understand the reasons which contributed to the socio-economic success of these two important economies and their firms in Asia, to grasp stylized facts about the “latecomers’” catching up at firm, sectoral, and national levels, and be able to use these lessons in conceptualizing potential paths for other emerging economies. Thus, the course will be useful for students aspiring for careers in academia, business, or the public sector including international organizations, state and national governments, and beyond.