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Korea Program Autumn 2022 Courses

April 28, 2022

Priority Registration for Autumn 2022 is right around the corner! Join Center for Korea Studies faculty in a diverse array of courses this Fall.

JSIS A 212 History of Korean Civilization (5) I&S

Instructor: Hajin Jun

This course examines the long and dynamic history of Christianity in East Asia, beginning with its origins in the 16th century to the present. Explores shared religious experiences that transcended national boundaries, while also tracing the divergent trajectories that Catholicism, and later, Protestantism, took in China, Korea, and Japan.

Offered: jointly with HSTAS 212.

JSIS 384 A Special Topics in East Asia: Christianity in East Asia (5) I&S

Instructor: Hajin Jun

Exploration of Christianity’s influence across East Asia from early missionaries to analysis of long-lasting historical impacts.

Offered: jointly with HSTRY 388.

KOREAN 415 Readings in Korean Literature and Culture (5) VLPA

Instructor: Heekyoung Cho

Reading and discussion of selected modern literary texts and other cultural texts in the original language.

JSIS A 448 Modern Korean Society (5) I&S

Instructor: Clark Sorensen

Social organization and values of twentieth-century Korea. Changes in family and kinship, gender relations, rural society, urban life, education, and industrial organization since 1900. Differences between North and South Korea since 1945.

Offered: jointly with ANTH 448.

JSIS B 430 Late Industrialization and Social Change (5) I&S

Instructor: Yong-Chool Ha

Deals with distinct patterns of social change under late industrialization, such as Japan, South Korea, Germany, and the Soviet Union. Analyzes the social and institutional implications of economic policies by looking at the interactions between the state, traditions, and economic actors.

Korean Language Courses

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