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Arianna Hall and Sariah Burdett Selected as SNUAA-WA Scholarship Recipients

August 3, 2022

The Center for Korea Studies is proud to recognize two of our outstanding students, JSIS International Studies M.A. student, Arianna Hall, and recently graduated History (Honors), Korean, and Asian Languages and Cultures B.A., Sariah Burdett, on their receipt of the Seoul National University Alumni Association of Washington Scholarship 2022. Arianna and Sariah are both incredibly grateful to be acknowledged by SNUAA-WA for their dedication to scholarship. Thank you, SNUAA-WA, for supporting such dynamic young scholars at the University of Washington.

Ms. Burdett and Ms. Hall provided CKS with further information regarding their plans which the SNUAA-WA Scholarship is helping to support.

Arianna Hall

In March 2022, Arianna was selected as a U.S. Department of State Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) recipient. This summer Arianna embarked on a journey to Gwangju, South Korea for eight weeks of cultural and linguistic immersion. With support from SNUAA-WA, Arianna will be remaining in Korea to continue her studies in preparation for her next exciting journey. In June 2022, Arianna was selected as a recipient for the Academy of Korea Studies Graduate Fellowship (AKS). Beginning this September, she will spend six months in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea to complete research for her essay of distinction at the Jackson School.

Sariah Burdett

After completing her triple-major B.A. with the University in June 2022, Ms. Burdett is committed to a gap year pursuing Japanese and Korean language education. The SNUAA-WA scholarship is helping to support Sariah’s dedication to language study as she applies for graduate programs this fall. Sariah plans to continue her education and research in Korean History, hoping to eventually become a historian focusing on the complexities of childhood during Korea’s colonial era.