Lauren Lee

PhD Student
Hwayoung Lee


Hwayoung’s research interest is how domestic actors misperceive other countries and influence security policymaking and international relations in East Asia, particularly focus on Japan, South Korea, and China. In specific, she aims to understand when, why, and how the public becomes powerful enough to affect a nation’s foreign and security policy while analyzing its interaction with politicians and the mass media.

Before joining the Jackson School, Hwayoung was a junior researcher at Korea Chair of Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) and worked for NHK Japan Broadcasting Company in New York City, Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Washington D.C., and Edwin O. Reischauer Center for East Asian Studies at Johns Hopkins SAIS. Hwayoung Lee received her dual M.A. in International Studies with honors from Seoul National University and in Public Policy from the University of Tokyo and B.A. in English and Japanese with summa cum laude from Kyungil University.


  • [M.A. Dissertation] “How is Kantei Diplomacy Back?: Comparison of Kantei-led Security Policy Making Process between Koizumi and Abe” Seoul National University. 2017.
  • [Online Report] “Finding the Korean’s Image of Japan.” in Young Sarangbang Members Embrace Kyushu 3: Walking 500 Years from Tradition to Modern. East Asia Institute. 2017.
  • [Seminar Paper] “Study on Characteristic and Cause of Public Perception between Japan and Korea in Second Abe Administration” Public Opinion and Diplomacy seminar at the University of Tokyo. 2015
  • [Co-translator] How is Dokdo Issue Discussed in Japan? Seoul National University Institute for Japanese Studies Reading Japan Series 18. 2015.
  • [Co-author] “A Study on the Issues of Dokdo Sovereignty Claimed by Japan in terms of Cadastral.” Journal of the Korean Society of Cadastre 31 (3) 2015: 63-77.

Grants & Fellowships

  • The Henry Jackson M. Jackson Doctoral Fellowship, University of Washington, 2019
  • Global Challenger Think Tank Research Grant, Korea Foundation, 2018
  • Graduate School of International Studies Honor Award, Seoul National University, 2017
  • CAMPUS Asia Program Grant, Governments of Korea, Japan and China, 2015-2016
  • Area Studies Scholarship, Korea Institute for International Economic Policy, 2015
  • President’s Award, Kyungil University, 2012
  • National Humanities and Social Sciences Scholarship, Korean Government, 2009
  • Academic Achievement Scholarship, Kyungil University, 2008-2011