About the UW Japan Studies Program

Japan/Japanese studies at the University of Washington has entered its second century and continues to pursue its mission to foster greater understanding of Japan and its relationship with the global community. Japan/Japanese studies prepares students to pursue their professional goals and become better global citizens.

This website is your portal to UW programs specific to Japan and Japanese. It is your source for information on UW Japan events, faculty, news, career searches, and other resources.

The UW offers several Japan-focused degree program options, and courses on Japan are taught across the university in architecture, art historybusinesshistory, language and literature, linguistics, politics, society and civilization, political economy, and law.


Degree Programs with a Focus on Japan

Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies

The Jackson School offers BA and MA degrees in International Studies with a focus on Japan and East Asia with a broad interdisciplinary approach centering around the social sciences. The concurrent degree program allows graduate students to earn an additional degree with the Evans School of Public Policy and Governance or the Michael G. Foster School of Business through a third year of graduate study.

Japanese Language and Literature

The Asian Languages & Literature department offers BA, MA, and PhD degrees in Japanese linguistics, literature, film, and visual culture.

Michael G. Foster School of Business

Undergraduate students may earn a Certificate of International Studies in Business with a focus on Japan. The certificate program is available to students who are accepted to the Foster School of Business undergraduate program.

Asian Law Center

The Asian Law Center is a preeminent international center for the study of Asian, International, and Developmental Law that encompasses both a major research program and an extensive instructional program for JD, LLM., and PhD students.