Chris Choi

MAIS Japan 2019


Chris Choi concurrently earned an MBA and MAIS Japan in 2019 from the UW. He graduated from the United States Military Academy with a BS in Chinese and in Comparative Politics.

His academic interests include:
  • Business opportunities for healthcare firms resulting from Japan’s demographic shifts
  • Impact of Japan’s demographic shifts on economic development and policy
  • Role of the US-Japan security treaty in East Asian affairs
  • Modernization of the Japan Self Defense Force
  • Japan’s foreign policy and international relations with the rest of Asia and Russia

Grants & Fellowships

  • Nicole and Tim Engle Graduate Fellow
  • Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellow (Summer)
  • Japan Studies Program Scholar
  • Kitto Scholar for Japan Studies
  • Kristen Kawakami Dean Fellow
  • Walter E. and Agnes M. Griffin Endowed Business Scholar
  • Michael G. Foster Students First Scholar