Japan Scholarships and Funding

Kristen Kawakami Dean Fellowship in Japan Studies (JSIS only)

Kristin-Dean-cropped-800x534Kristen Kawakami Dean

Kristen Kawakami Dean (MA, Japan ‘74) is a believer in the power of education to give people the opportunity to raise themselves and make the world a better place. An American of Japanese ancestry, Dean followed her heart in graduate studies, which lead her to study Japan.  “One is not handicapped by knowing another language and culture and being more internationally minded. It is knowledge needed today. Promoting international thinking, and people becoming conversant in another culture and language is important. Japan is important.”

Reflecting on her own education and the generosity of others, she was inspired to establish this scholarship fund, “It’s about creating world citizens. I want to pay it forward.” Dean has, and continues to, travel broadly and has covered much of the globe, visiting other cultures, countries, and people — with no plans of stopping in sight.