Osheroff-Clark Fund

2018 Fellowship Recipients

May 25, 2018

2018 UWCHR Fellowship Awardees

Kelsey Armstrong Supports Undocumented and Detained Immigrants

October 12, 2017

Marina Gallon, Maria Jose Cordero, Kelsey Armstrong-Hahn, Maru Villalpando, Alejandra Gonza at the Organization of American States.

Celebrating Farmworker Victories, Organizing for Ongoing Struggles

August 4, 2017

Jessica Ramirez marches for farmworkers' rights in Burlington, Washington.

Bridget Grotz Exposes Immigration Abuses with Human Rights Watch

June 30, 2016

Murphy Stack Connects People in Immigration Detention with the Outside

June 29, 2016

Jessica Ramirez Supports Farmworkers’ Berry Boycott

December 30, 2015

2010-2013 Osheroff-Clark Fund Recipients

May 30, 2013